Outdoor Assemblages by Gary John Gresl
Earth Works and Outstallations

This site is devoted only to the artist's exterior assemblage sculptures, which might be called earthworks, land art, environmental art, site-specific, arte-povera, ephemeral sculpture, sculptural graffiti, guerilla art, modular sculpture, exterior installations or outstallations. These sculptures are fleeting in nature, some existing for minutes, others for days. Their documentation is accomplished thru photographs which are used for exhibit purposes.

These photographs are professionally recreated as large pigmented ink prints on archival quality paper by large scale inkjet methods, with each print of the sculptures being titled and signed by the artist. They are an art form in themselves essentially serving as the sole means to document, examine and enjoy the ephemeral sculptures. They are composed, edited, with color, texture, etc. chosen thru proofing techniques. These printed images are offered for sale on a limited direct basis, one at a time or in "suites". Gary's partner in their production is Doug Krimmer, fellow artist and owner of MKE Studio, Milwaukee.

As this technique of creating ephemeral sculptures has evolved, there have appeared many of them...modular creations appearing at various sites in in various positions. Despite there being a large number of views of the same or similar outstallations there are only a few which become documented by the described printing process. These are carefully selected by the artist and produced in very limited numbers, often an individual print used for a specific exhibition. It is possible for a patron to inquire about a particular view with the intention of having an image printed. One must contact Gary about this possibility. Gary can be reached by email at saganguy@aol.com, or by phone at 414-313-1682.

NOTE: No prints of Gary's work are considered originals unless they bear the penciled title and signature as written by Gary.

Gary has been very interested in assemblages since the 1950's and Earthworks since the 1960's. His own exterior works are the culmination of a long period of consideration, rumination, discovery and experience in rural and wild places, plus handling and study of antiques and collectibles. The use of found objects, including evolved and weathered natural materials, antiques and collectibles, are an extension of interior assemblage work created during the past few decades combined with his interest in geology, natural history, science fiction, and our Human place in the Cosmos as we interact on Earth.


To view Gary's interior sculptures please visit WWW.GRESL.COM.
Swarm 4, View 3
Hoops 47
Swarm  3, View 4
Swarm 4, View 3
Hoops 47
Swarm 3, View 4

Fine art by Gary Gresl